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Using Wordloops to write 4700 words in a week



Jun 14 2021

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Startup founders lead busy lives. I change up what I’m doing nearly every hour of every day. I take meetings, I talk to our users, I work on the product, I walk the dog. If I’m lucky, I steal time for the gym. I’m on the manager’s schedule.

But writing — the art of words — demands the maker’s time.

Focusing on my thinking and eliminating distractions often feels impossible while I'm being bombarded by pings, or have a few dozen emails to answer. And oh look, there’s Twitter.

And yet. I’ve consistently produced more quality writing in the past few months than I have in the past few years. How?

I use Wordloops to structure my writing life. 

Two weeks ago, I wrote a full rough draft of a new short story. I did this by booking 8 Wordloops sessions, which averaged out to about an hour and a half of focused writing every day.

Here’s what it looked like:

5/31, Morning Pages: 676 words (rough story outline. I already had the main character and situation in mind before I sat down to write).

5/31, Night Writing: 452 words

6/1, Morning Pages: 664 words

6/2, Morning Pages: 374 words (distracted)

6/2, Afternoon Words: 131 words (distracted)

6/2, Afternoon Words: 720 words

6/3, Morning Pages: 841 words

6/4, Morning Pages: 830 words

Total output: 4688 words.

By using Wordloops to book my sessions, I banished all anxiety around finding writing time. I never worried about when I would write or if inspiration might strike. I never thought about how to eliminate my distractions. I just scheduled the sessions on my calendar, showed up to the invite, and let Wordloops take care of the rest. I did feel distracted during a couple of sessions, but the act of sitting down — knowing I was surrounded by other writers at work on their own projects — got my first draft done.

This technique works for any kind of writing. Novel, screenplay, Twitter threads, Twitter threads that feel like novels.

In fact, I wrote this post over the course of a Wordloops session. 

(founder secret #1: build a startup that solves your own problem)

Have a great week,


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